Get Inspired Nutrition: Herbalife Shakes Come to Bowling Green!

             Get Inspired is a fast growing nutrition club in downtown Bowling Green. They have been very popular and successful in recent months. The first reason being they are a very new business. They just got started in the fall and since then have been a huge success. This has been a huge hit with not only college students, but older adults as well. The younger generation is very involved in their health and being active. Get Inspired needed to get their word about as much as they can, so the interview with them was perfect. The interview was with Lauren Ihnot, one of the partners and managers of the store. She has been selling these products for a while and has been very successful from the start.

            The interview discusses the shop and what kind of success Lauren has had with Herbalife along with the store Get Inspired. Lauren talked about how long the company has been open, what inspired them to open this store, why in Bowling Green, her favorite thing about this business, their target audience, how they bring in new customers, what makes them stand out, workout classes offered, and other incentives offered to customers. Get Inspired has a shop in Perrysburg and the owner wanted to bring a store to Bowling Green because she felt that it would be a success among BG residents and students. Lauren explained that people of all ages come into the shop looking to get in shape. The shop gets a lot of young athletes and students, as well as older adults who are interested. Get Inspired cares about their customers and wants to do everything they can to help them achieve their health goals. We are very excited to have them in Bowling Green and we hope to see this business grow in the upcoming years!


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