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Daycare Information with Wonderland of Learning

            Wondering where to send your kids to daycare? Wonderland of Learning in Bowling Green, Ohio is the perfect place! The owner Melanie Jackson has been apart of the Bowling Green community for about 23 years. Melanie first came to Bowling Green, Ohio to pursue a graduate degree at BGSU. She received a Master’s degree in psychology and development there. Melanie and her husband are pretty well known in the community for various reasons. One being they both run a youth football and cheerleading program that they started in 2010. They have flag football for kid’s kindergarten through third grade, tackle football for third through sixth grade and cheerleading for kindergarten through sixth grade. During this interview she will give a couple tips on how to pick a daycare that I find very helpful to a new parent or new family to an area. Tune in!

Rapid Fired Pizza's New Beer Wall

            It’s a Wednesday night in Bowling Green and you’re getting ready to watch a movie with your friends when one of your friends chimes in that you all should order a pizza first. Everyone delightfully agrees and starts discussing pizza choices as you look up the nearest pizza place’s number through Google. It’s not long before you realize that all of your friends are indecisive as sin and recognize that it could be hours before you all agree, that’s when you remember Rapid Fired Pizza, a fast-casual pizza place that offers 9 to 11 inch custom pizzas.             Rapid Fired Pizza was founded by Ray Wiley (he also co-founded Hot Head Burritos) and they opened their first store in Centerville, Ohio. After opening a store in Lima, Ohio, they wanted to expand their company even further, so BG franchise owner Ross Wiley raised money and opened Rapid Fired here in Bowling Green in September of 2017. Rapid Fired follows the create-your-own idea, where the sky is the limit with wh

The Legend of Holcomb Road

It's that time of the year! Time for Halloween and spooky stories. Have you heard the legend of Holcomb Road? The Legend of Holcomb Road says a driver with a bus full of little children were driving when the driver lost control and the bus drove straight into the woods hitting multiple trees until coming to a stop on a larger tree. The driver was killed immediately and then soon the bus burst into flames killing the children on board. It has been said that you can see the drivers face on the tree that the bus crashed into and that you will see headlights coming toward you that stop once they reach the tree. There have been many reports of radio stations scrambling and cell phones losing signal. On October 12th, 2018 the Holcomb Road movie premiered at the Maumee Indoor Theater. There have been multiple showings since the premiere. Carmen Cano, of the Bowling Green Convention and Visitors Bureau has planned a showing on Friday, October 19th at the Clazel Theater in Downto