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50th Anniversary of The Annual Tractor Pulling Championships in Bowling Green

Bowling Green offers plenty of activities during the summer, but one of the most exciting events to kick off the end of the summer season is the National Tractor Pulling Championships!  Come one, come all to experience one of the biggest events Bowling has to offer. This year is noteworthy because it is the 50 th anniversary of the annual National Tractor Pulling Championships! The Northwestern Ohio Tractor Pullers Association (NWOTPA) became the Wood County Tractor Pullers in 1962 with 20 members in Bowling Green, Ohio. In 1964 the club started to grow in membership because people from different counties wanted to join, and the club then changed the name to the Northwestern Ohio Tractor Pullers Association. The first year that Bowling Green held the National Tractor Pulling Championships was in 1967.   This year the Tractor Pulls will be starting on Thursday, August 18 th through Sunday August 21 st located at the Wood Country Fairgrounds. Tickets can be purchased on