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The Business Behind For Keeps

The Business behind For Keeps On June 20, 2018 I had the chance to interview the owner Amy Craft-Ahrens of For Keeps and got firsthand knowledge on what goes on behind the scenes to make the company a success. Amy and her father decided to open For Keeps in July 1st 1997. She has had gift retail experience in her past in Chicago. Amy and her father discussed that at the time there were no classic gift stores in down town Bowling Green. This eventually led her to moved back to Bowling Green to open up the gift store. Fast forward 20 years later her business is now one of the well-known shops in downtown Bowling Green. For Keeps includes a range of many different brands, and items that when you step in to the store you are almost guaranteed to find the perfect gift for someone. Talking to Amy in the interview I got to ask her questions about the business part of the store along with learning how the store runs. Below are questions that were asked