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The Heartland Travel Showcase

The Heartland Travel showcase is a conference for different Convention and Visitors Bureau’s (CVB) attractions, and lodging facilities that are located in over 12 different states. All of these states gather together annually, in order to promote their cities and attractions to tour operators. Tour Operators will have appointments scheduled with exhibitors of their choice. These exhibitors then showcase their city’s special events and attractions. There is a session, for the first time exhibitors where they can learn about the structure and process of the showcase. This year’s convention was held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In attendance for this year’s showcase was Wendy Chambers, Executive Director of Bowling Green Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. She attended the showcase in order to promote Bowling Green and what makes the city special to tour groups to motivate them to come and visit the city.The showcase hosted a breakfast where she is able to host a table to discuss Bowling G…

Winterfest BG 2016

Over Valentine’s Day weekend this year, there was more than just love in the air. Bowling Green held its 8th annual Winterfest Event. This event takes place throughout the city, showing off the nooks and crannies Bowling Green has to offer. Winterfest was started eight years ago to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Scott Hamilton’s win of the gold medal in the Olympics, and Winterfest has continued to thrive. “The planning for this winter festival starts about six months before it happens” says Wendy Chamber, executive director of Bowling Green Convention and Visitors Bureau. There is a lot of work that goes into holding this event and the committee is made up of many community organizations and fundraisers. This year’s Winterfest began with the UCT Hockey Tournament which had twenty-three participating teams. Friday night Bowling Green State University battled off against Miami University in a hockey game, but lost 4-1. All through the cold weather, visitors and community members came…

Ohio. New branding. Can you find it here?

Beginning in 2016 the state of Ohio has debuted a brand new tourism logo campaign to use for years to come, and it’s certainly different! Ohio Tourism has decided to use an eye-catching new symbol that features an outline of the state of Ohio, with ‘Ohio’ scripted within. But it’s the new catchphrase that is the most exciting. “Find it Here”, so simplistic in nature, but allows for such a great variety! Ohio is like a ‘blank canvas’ for Tourism, which allows this new campaign to guide its brand in every direction. Within the new Travel Guide there are many scenes in which people are interacting, or trying something new, but more importantly it shows these people connecting. Vacations and explorations bring people together, to connect over a new experience. Could it be any more brilliant? The guide also uses emotion-evoking words, such as: gratitude, excitement, joy, and inspiration. By tying experiences and destinations with emotional words, it allows for each future tourist to create…

Go Explore GoBGOhio!

Image is a way to explore what the city of Bowling Green has to offer. Through you are able to search upcoming events and exciting activities to engage in. provides a wide rage of events including community service, festivals, recreation, nightlife, culinary, and so much more.Whether you’re looking for a family activity or a business opportunity is the right fit for you.

April is filled with many outdoor events to welcome spring with open arms. The Art Walk will be held on April, 23 from 10am-5pm Downtown. This artistic event allows you to view showcases from all different ages, and there are also art-related activities for kids; so this is an event the whole family can enjoy. Along with the Art Walk, there are a number of thrilling events occurring in 2016. Some of these include the Classics on Main Car Show on July 9th, the Tractor Pull from August 18-21 which is celebrating its 50th birthday, and the Black Swamp Arts Festival from Sep…