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#Triggameals: From Twitter to Ziggy's

            #TriggaMeals has be a Twitter secret for the BGSU student community for almost 2 years, but this April the Bowling Green Community finally got let into the secret when #TriggaMeals found his new home inside of Ziggy’s on Wooster Street.             DeAnte Shivers, the owner and brains behind #TriggaMeals started his Twitter run restaurant out of his apartment with the last $47 he had and instantly was a success. While interviewing DeAnte, I was not only able to get an insight on how the young BGSU Alum was able to build such a successful business on Twitter, but how #TriggaMeals has given him the opportunity to help his community of Detroit. DeAnte has so many plans for future of #TriggaMeals, one being the current goal of turning #TriggaMeals into a known name on all Ohio and Michigan college campuses, which will start his college food tour, which is currently in the works. DeAnte is not only a chef but a humble community activist, he has used his talent and t