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Experience BG: A Parental Guide to Their Student’s College Town

Coming to Bowling Green to visit your millennial in college? Is your student a first year and they have not yet had the chance to explore all of what Bowling Green has to offer? Coming to college as a millennial can be stressful and nerve racking, especially if they have been living on campus away from home for the first time. Here’s an abridged blog about what Bowling Green’s off campus attractions are. Focusing on activities that both parent and child, and maybe grandparents can all participate in. Some of the sights to see in Bowling Green are the various architectural features of the buildings throughout the city, both on the campus and in the city. Other attractions that the city has to offer are its nine different parks, recreational activities and locations, along with museums, and art galleries. Interwoven from over two centuries, Bowling Green is a mixing pot of traditions and history.   The Wood County Historical Center and Museum is where the former county Infirmary

2016 Visitors Guide

The Bowling Green, Ohio Convention and Visitors Bureau provides a visitors guide for an individual visiting the city and/or a current resident searching to learn more about what Bowling Green has to offer. Inside the 2016 edition, visitors will find twenty-two pages packed full of the area’s 5 A’s: accommodations, amenities, accessibility, activities, and attractions. Here’s a summary that will discuss the important information of the city’s 5 A’s that can easily be found in this 2016 visitors guide. For those who aren’t familiar with the Convention and Visitor Bureau, there are two locations in the area to help serve visitors to the community. The Visitor center is located off of Interstate 75, at 2151 Alumni Drive and the new Convention and Visitor Bureau office is located in the Four Corners Center downtown at 130 S. Main St. Both of these locations are here to help anyone who needs any questions answered in person or over the phone. As visitors begin looking through the