#Triggameals: From Twitter to Ziggy's

            #TriggaMeals has be a Twitter secret for the BGSU student community for almost 2 years, but this April the Bowling Green Community finally got let into the secret when #TriggaMeals found his new home inside of Ziggy’s on Wooster Street.
            DeAnte Shivers, the owner and brains behind #TriggaMeals started his Twitter run restaurant out of his apartment with the last $47 he had and instantly was a success. While interviewing DeAnte, I was not only able to get an insight on how the young BGSU Alum was able to build such a successful business on Twitter, but how #TriggaMeals has given him the opportunity to help his community of Detroit. DeAnte has so many plans for future of #TriggaMeals, one being the current goal of turning #TriggaMeals into a known name on all Ohio and Michigan college campuses, which will start his college food tour, which is currently in the works. DeAnte is not only a chef but a humble community activist, he has used his talent and the lessons he learned from his late mother to give back to his community from creating his own mentoring program for young BGSU men and feeding the homeless of Detroit. One of DeAntes current plans for this fall is to donate school supplies and book bags to under privileged children in the Detroit area and to donate and work with women & children centers in honor of his mother. To hear the full interview listen below:


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