Shopping Highlight: Coyote Beads

                  One thing that all my friends and I have in common is that we love fashion. We always seem to be looking at clothes when we are together, whether it be on social media or shopping together. Everyone has that one item they always wear, some people won’t leave their homes without a bag, others always wear heels, for me it’s jewelry. I always wear at least one or two necklaces and an anklet. Jewelry is my go to, it brings an outfit together while also expressing my unique style. When I moved to BG, I was determined to find a great place to shop for jewelry and I was not disappointed.
                  Coyote Beads and Jewelry is a unique, amazing store. It is all hand made and if you want something special you can make your own. Coyote Beads and Jewelry provides classes and allows anyone to come in and make their own personalized jewelry. Coyote Beads and Jewelry also works with BGSU. The owner does classes and small DIY events for fraternities and clubs on campus. While most stores that sell beaded jewelry have lots of variety I haven’t seen one that can be all done yourself. Along with the do it yourself this store isn’t expensive at all. The jewelry and even the classes are reasonably priced.
                  Coyote Beads and Jewelry is a unique set up that even if you are not into jewelry I would suggest stopping by and talking with the owner, Gayle. She has an amazing personality and has done such amazing things with the store. Walking into Coyote Beads and Jewelry is almost like walking into a world where you can do whatever you want with just an idea and some beads.