New Restaurant Highlight: BurGers BG

Oasis’s late night dining and delivery options were a staple to Bowling Green’s college life. Everyone loved their 300+ options for food, especially the mac n cheese wedges! If you have ever been in Bowling Green and drove down Wooster street, I am sure you have seen Oasis’s huge colorful sign right by the McDonalds by campus. If you look there now, however, you’ll see the big rainbow sign has changed a bit. It no longer says Oasis, BurGers in all orange and white is what you will see now.
Over Christmas break Oasis shut its doors for the last time with little to no warning; most of the staff didn't even realize it was closing. But, about a month later in the beginning of February, BurGers BG was born! It is in the same location with the same phone number as Oasis. This restaurant is completely brand new and not affiliated with Oasis at all. The menu is almost completely different, it did keep some fan favs though. Such as, the mac n cheese wedges, jalapeño poppers, mozzarella sticks, chili cheese fries, gyros and of course the burgers. Black bean burgers and lettuce wraps are also available for anyone that is vegetarian. Everything is made fresh when you order and everything comes with a side of fries, as it should be.
The restaurant is still open late with its hours being 11am-12am Sunday-Wednesday, 11am-1am on Thursday and 11am-3am Friday & Saturday. They also still provide pick-up and delivery services if you just call their number, 419-352-3663. Or you can just stop on in and stay for a bite to eat. If you’re hankering for a burger, BurGers BG is the place to go.


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