Grounds For Thought Coffee Shop

Take a step back from reality and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and an old book by taking a step into Grounds for Thought Coffee Shop. Guests can enjoy freshly ground coffee and other delicious food items for sale such as fresh baked cakes, cookies, muffins and more.  Grounds for Thought offers many amazing accommodations at their establishment.  Grounds is located in the heart of Bowling Green and serves as a coffee shop, book shop, and meeting space.

Located at 174 S Main St, Bowling Green, OH 43402 from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM, Grounds for Thought is definitely a calm and quaint environment for all customers who visit.  The atmosphere is welcoming and the staff is always ready to help make your experience a great one. Take some time to come in and enjoy a drink while browsing through their collection of used books located throughout the store. Their menu if full of many different drink and food items that will keep you coming back for me. Grounds for Thought also roasts their own coffee grounds and have different flavors and types of coffee grounds available for purchase by the bag. Some of their most popular grounds come from Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

Another perk of this fun and calming coffee shop is all of the books.  Whether you’re looking for a new book, old book, or book you’ve never heard of, Grounds for Thought is the place you want to check.  The entire store is covered in book shelves and perfect reading spaces and nooks.  Take a moment to browse through the collection of books that have accumulated over the years. All of the books are for sale and are reasonably priced.  You never know what book you’re going to find, but you won’t be disappointed with the outcome. Grounds for Thought also has tables located throughout the store, and seasonal outside seating for customers to come in and sit for a while.

Grounds for thought isn’t just a great place to drink coffee and browse for books, they’re also the perfect location for meetings with your organization or to study and do homework.  Grounds for Thought also offers a meeting room which can be rented out to customers looking to meet with groups and organizations.  The meeting room seats about 10 to 15 people comfortably.

This company is a staple for many residents and students in Bowling Green and will remain a huge part of the community here.  Grounds for Thought is always welcoming new customers to come try their coffee, take a seat, and fall back into the history of Bowling Green and the stories of all the books around you. You won’t be disappointed with your visit here. And if you are traveling through be sure to pick up some extra grounds to go!