Eric's Ice Cream Factory

If you’re looking for an ice cream shop with a hometown feel then look no further than Eric’s Ice Cream! The first Eric’s ice cream shop was started in March of 1999 and for the last 17 years they have been creating a delicious menu of not only homemade soft serve and hard ice cream but also a food menu with burgers, oven baked sandwiches, hot dogs and more. Bowling Green is the home of their newest store and it is designed as an “ice cream theater”, which showcases how they make their homemade ice cream. This lets ice cream lovers come from all over to view the process that is the making of their favorite sweet treat! 

            Located at 215 East Wooster St, in between Domino’s and Biggby Coffee, Eric’s is a very convenient location for everyone! Eric’s has many Ohio locations. They have three locations in Defiance, a location in Bryan, Bowling Green, and a mobile ice cream shop that caters many events and parties in the area. You can check out the calendar on their website to see when the mobile ice cream truck will be in an area near you! 

            The menu is very versatile so they are able to cater to everyone’s favorites. They have many hand dipped and soft serve flavors, 11 different sundae flavors, soft serve and hard ice cream parfaits, banana splits, and 30 different flurry flavors! They also have a wide selection of shakes, malts, and other beverages as well, such as root beer floats, 11 different soft serve and hard shakes, and a wide variety of slushies and smoothies. If ice cream isn’t your thing, no worries! Eric’s has a delicious food menu as well that includes hot dogs, chili dogs, chicken sandwiches, pulled pork, crinkle cut and chili cheese fries, potato chips, BBQ potato chips, and more! 

            Inside Eric’s BG is a very futuristic and modern feel. It is a very open space with many high top tables and chairs. The “ice cream theater” is located near the cashier so you can view how your treat was made while enjoying your treat at the same time! Did we mention you can also purchase ice cream cakes here?! Well you can! Eric’s has ready to order ice cream cakes of all different flavors and ice cream sandwiches located near the many different kinds of ice cream options so you can pick and choose whatever you would like. 

            One of the most helpful places to find out more information about everything going on at Eric’s is on their Facebook page, There you can find information on their specials, where their mobile ice cream truck will be next, photos, a copy of their menu, reviews, and more! You can also find them on twitter, @BGEricsicecream and text 72727 to join their rewards club as well. Joining their club gets you access to coupons, info about upcoming events and specials going on, and much more!