Ohio. New branding. Can you find it here?

Beginning in 2016 the state of Ohio has debuted a brand new tourism logo campaign to use for years to come, and it’s certainly different! Ohio Tourism has decided to use an eye-catching new symbol that features an outline of the state of Ohio, with ‘Ohio’ scripted within. But it’s the new catchphrase that is the most exciting. “Find it Here”, so simplistic in nature, but allows for such a great variety! Ohio is like a ‘blank canvas’ for Tourism, which allows this new campaign to guide its brand in every direction. Within the new Travel Guide there are many scenes in which people are interacting, or trying something new, but more importantly it shows these people connecting. Vacations and explorations bring people together, to connect over a new experience. Could it be any more brilliant? The guide also uses emotion-evoking words, such as: gratitude, excitement, joy, and inspiration. By tying experiences and destinations with emotional words, it allows for each future tourist to create their own memorable encounter. To take home a priceless souvenir in form of a memory. This memory will allow them to think back fondly of Ohio. The options are endless! Whether that be: romance, happiness or even gratitude, it will last a lifetime. The state of Ohio recognizes this, we don’t want to be like everyone else. We want you to “Find it Here.”