Coyote Beads

Beads, beads, and more beads! If you need beads from friendship bracelets to presents for a loved one, or even for just a fun art project, Coyote Beads is certainly the place for all of your bead needs!

Coyote Beads

178 South Main Bowling Green Ohio
Phone: 419-354-2323
Hours: Monday 10:00-6:00
Tuesday - Friday 10:00-6:00
Saturday 10:00-4:0


Coyote Beads has all of the supplies for making jewelry that you can think of. Not sure how to make something? Don't worry- they have all sorts of classes you can take. They have classes on how to make different kinds of jewelry like Boho wrap bracelets or woven leather beaded wraps, and supplies for the classes come in kits sold in store. They even have a class to make a mosaic table! Making your own jewelry can be a seriously cool skill to have. Plus, this is a fabulous way to express yourself through art and fashion.

Their bead inventory is huge with many different styles and kinds of beads for any person's taste. They also have super cute bags and scarfs!

Overall, Coyote Beads is a fun place to go if you are crafty or are interested in expressing your creative side.