BiG Fab Lab

Big Fab Lab is a place where you can make any dream you have come true with a little hard work. They bring together the community to learn, create, and inspire!

BiG Fab Lab
1234 N Main Street Bowling Green, OH
(Inside the east end of the Woodland Mall near the theater)
Hours: Tues-Sun Noon-9:00P
Phone: 419-971-4244

DIY project ideas can really get creative juices flowing. Many people don't get the chance to create their ideas for lack of space, proper tools, or general help. Big Fab Lab can help with that. They provide classes and access to tools and equipment to get your ideas rolling.

Big Fab Lab has a 24/7 workshop, or maker space where you can develop your ideas. There is studio and storage space as well. Make use of the retail space wherein members can test market and sell their creations!

To become a member, start creating and learn more visit their website!

Lego Robotics space and classes.

Jewelry making space and classes.

The BiG Fab Lab is an excellent resource for learning, collaborating, creating prototypes and so much more!