Geocaching in Bowling Green

Have You Heard of 'Geocaching?' 

If not, you're missing out on one of Bowling Green's favorite outdoor activities!

Pronounced 'geo-cashing,' it's a chance to go on a real life treasure hunt, while taking in the unique sights and scenery of our beautiful community. Participants navigate using a specific set of coordinates in order to locate the cache (or treasure!), usually a container with a log book with signatures of others who have found the cache and possibly some various trinkets. You can claim a trinket as your reward, however, it is expected you replace it with another object for the next person to find their cache.

Some caches involve multiple steps, clues, and puzzles, anything that will help add to the challenge. The Bowling Green Convention and Visitors Bureau has put together a 'geocaching tour' which features some of best sites Bowling Green has to offer. But you can hunt for many more caches, placed by members of the public and even the Parks and Recreation department. The Parks and Recreation Department has placed a number of caches in area parks and nature preserves, for more details visit
You may also place new caches in public places in most areas of Bowling Green. However, no caches are permitted at Simpson Garden Park or Wintergarden Nature Preserve unless you have special permissions from the Parks and Recreation department.

Sound like fun? Get a team together, go to to get started out and try something new to see what Bowling Green has to offer.

 Happy ventures!

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