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Meet Our Spring 2018 Intern, Ivy!

Hello, My name is Ivanna Esser-Whidden, but everyone just calls me Ivy. I am nineteen years old and I grew up in Elyria Ohio, a city about a half hour away from Cleveland. I am currently a senior at Bowling Green State University even though it is only my 2nd year here. That is because I luckily went to Early College for high school and graduated with my associates degree. I started off going into the field of business since I had no idea what I wanted to do. After I realized that wasn't quite for me, I started researching the other majors BGSU offered and discovered TLEP. I switched majors as soon as I could and began studying Tourism, Leisure, and Event Planning and fell in love with everything it had to offer. I have always wanted to travel and see everything there is to see and a few of the classes really helped me learn more about the world and made me even more interested in the field. I am now interning at Bowling Greens Convention & Visitors Bureau to learn more, meet …